A Yellow Weather Alert has been issued for Monday afternoon/evening for the potential for strong and severe thunderstorms. This is the same weather system that brought tornadoes to east Texas, snow to Colorado, and flooding from Oklahoma up through southern Ohio over the weekend. Although we will not have the same severity of any of these severe threats, we could still have some storms strong enough to lead to damage.

Here's a look at our threats:

The Storm Prediction Center has placed our area in an 'Enhanced' risk of severe weather - numerous showers and storms will track through, and several of these will have the potential to become strong or severe.

Storm timing will be as early as mid-afternoon west of the I-81 corridor in West Virginia and the panhandle of Maryland. Metro area storm risks do not increase until the evening hours. Futurecast paints a decent picture of showing the storms impacting WV up through Hagerstown through early evening, then pushing into the I-95 corridor after 6-7pm. 

How do the threats and timing change by city? Here's a look at a few locations to give you a better idea. The threat of damaging winds, hail and a tornado will be slightly higher west than spots closer to and east of I-95.

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