Rain and showers are likely for parts of the weekend, but it will actually be a good thing... for pollen count at least. 

The timing of the rain isn't convenient, but the tree pollen levels have remained 'high' to 'very high' over the past several weeks. It's typically our pollen 'peak' during the mid to later half of April, and this year we have reached several days well above-average pollen counts. 

This soaking rain will help to lower the pollen levels and cut down on our rainfall deficit! 

An overview of the weekend: rain and showers begin to move in Saturday morning. The heaviest rain falls overnight Saturday. Light rain and showers taper off early Sunday afternoon. The weekend will not be pretty but will not be a washout either.

The latest information indicates the heaviest rain will move through overnight Saturday into Sunday. Also, new model runs are leaning toward much of the rain will be headed south by Sunday afternoon, this will not make Sunday a total washout. 

Rain totals will likely be .50" to 1" for the majority of the area. This will not only take the tree pollen count down significantly behind the rain, but it's also good news to put a small chip in the drought status.

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