Tuesday’s snow day has the potential of turning into ice as temperatures plunge into the 20’s.

One of the biggest concerns is the roads freezing and turning into a huge slip and slide.

Hugues Joseph has a wife and two children to look out for. He knows driving on days like this one can be dangerous.

“Your car can hydroplane. You can lose control. You can lose traction,” Joseph said.

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Drivers can potentially end up in crashes with injuries – or worse.

“If you don’t have to go out, don’t go out,” Joseph responded when asked what was most important for drivers to know.

However, staying home is not always a reality when children, work, or doctor’s appointments come into play.

If you must hit the road during icy conditions, experts explained it is all about control.

“Don’t panic,” Joseph stressed when asked about black ice. “Ease, press down on the break gentle.”

Do not fight the steering wheel, but turn your tires into the skid instead.

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“If the car is going one direction, try and stay with it so you can kind of have control and turn the car,” he said.

Experts said drive slowly and do not rush because the decisions you make behind the wheel could affect those you love the most.