Recovery from Irma is already proving to be a daunting and very emotional task, especially for those with family in the Caribbean.

WUSA9 talked with a Southeast, D.C. woman who is looking for any and all help to find her family after Irma.

Iris Joaquin said she’s missing four siblings and believes Irma killed a fifth, her brother, 55-year-old Derek Ragnauth.

The Island of Tortola is where Iris Joaquin says her family was when Hurricane Irma struck. Her siblings are: Jennifer Chichester (54) Erylene Suradeo (59), Patrick (57) and Isaac (53) Ragnauth.

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So far, since early last week, Joaquin has only been able to see one Facebook video that she says confirmed her brother’s death. There was also a phone call.

"The last time I heard was my niece phone -- just have a little strength. When I call she said 'yes auntie, he's confirmed dead' and that's all. I can't hear anything,” said Joaquin.

Joaquin said she is a U.S. Citizen but her siblings are not. She does not know who to contact. WUSA9 got a ‘no answer’ calling both the State Department and Embassy on Monday.

"I want to help. I don't know in what way, because I'm not hearing from them. I don't know if they have food or what is going on,” said Joaquin.

Latest reports say Hurricane Irma is responsible for at least 34 deaths across the Caribbean including 10 in Cuba. Islands were trampled-over. There's reports of no power, food and medicine.

CBS News says Britain sent a navy ship with almost 500 troops. On the U.S. side, a second Aircraft flew with supplies to Puerto Rico.

"There's about fifty percent of the Island still without power,” said a man on the Island on Sunday.

“I'm pretty sure that this will be a storm that really reminds people not just to wait to develop a plan,” said Maria Almeida. She hunkered-down in her parents’ Miami home as Irma swept through the area on Sunday.

Joaquin said she believes her brother tried to leave his shop from what she can gather online.