Tears of joy and pain at Reagan National – a Maryland woman’s family finally arrived on Tuesday from the hurricane-devastated island of Puerto Rico, almost one week after the Category 4 storm struck.

WUSA9's camera rolled as Marie Vazquez Lopez cried and greeted her mother, niece and nephew.

It was the same emotion seen at Dulles International Airport when families from Middle Eastern countries reunited under the first wave of President Trump's Travel Ban. Only this was a family reconnected from another part of the United States.

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"The made it, they made it here,” Vazquez Lopez said excited.

Once 15-year-old Camila Chang became overwhelmed with emotion once she started talking about her trip.

“I’m just worried because there’s a lot of people who need, really, help and I’m really grateful that I have gotten here but I’m so sad because my friends couldn’t get plane tickets," she said.

Chang showed a photo of her San Juan, Puerto Rico neighborhood. It appears to show a metal-looking post knocked over and wrapped in cable wires.

Chang's aunt is Marie Vazquez Lopez.

Vazquez Lopes said she works for the Department of Treasury, lives in Maryland and has been trying for the past five days to get her 86-year-old mother, niece and nephew off of the Island. Her nephew, Gabriel Diaz, says they spent around four-to-five hours waiting at the airport before they could board a plane to Florida.

“The airport is a complete mess. I saw a fight, actually, people were fighting over bottles of water," said 25-year-old Diaz.

“We need gasoline, we need people to bring the supplies," said Chang through tears.

“My sister and her husband are still there," said Vazquez Lopez. "It’s still very, very hard. So we want to bring them back, it’s just, we cannot find plane tickets and they don’t have a lot of water…(starts to cry) Please people help, we really need help.”

The family members came in one way tickets. We're told Diaz lives in the states but Vazquez Lopez' mother and niece are staying indefinitely.