WUSA9 tried out some heat hacks during Thursday's dangerous heat.

Drink a lot of water and wear light clothing are only a few, but there are so many tips when it comes to beating this heat.

Anchor-Reporter Debra Alfarone and Photojournalist Dion Wiggins set out to Georgetown and Glover Park out to test out some of these ways to stay cool.

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Heat Hack #1: Skip body lotion to stay cool

Dion put lotion on one arm, Debra skipped it. Then, the two of them stood in the sun along Georgetown's Waterfront for five minutes.

They then used a non-contact thermometer to test the temperature of their arms. It's not a scientific method, so they also just compared how cool they felt. Turns out Dion kept his cool while Debra felt hotter and the thermometer confirmed it. Heat hack #1 was not successful.

Heat hack #2: Putting ice on the optimal pulse points

One common tip is to apply ice or a cold compress to pulse points on the body. Some of the most popular points are the neck and wrists. Several websites list many more including the inside of elbows and knees, the top of feet and the inner ankle.

Vanessa from Virginia was walking down P Street and stopped to give the heat hack crew some help. She applied ice to her wrists while Debra applied ice to the inside of her elbow.

Dion got out the thermometer and Vanessa's wrists clocked in at a cool 80 degrees while Debra's inner elbow registered in the 100 degree range. The wrists win!

Heat Hack #3: Eat ice cream to beat the heat

The ice cream shop Thomas Sweet on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown was full of children when Debra stopped in to pick up a vanilla ice cream cone. Dion refused the ice cream so Debra took one for the team.

She ate all she could before it melted. By the way, Dion couldn't help but use the thermometer on the ice cream which registered at 39 cool degrees. Debra, however, did not keep her cool. Apart from wearing most of it, she also registered a higher temperature than Dion and felt warmer. Turns out, digesting ice cream may play a role in that.

In the end, Debra and Dion concluded that it's possible that Dion just simply handles the heat better than Debra, and that maybe this wasn't the most scientific study, but it sure was fun to do.