The pictures of devastation in Houston on TV and on Facebook feeds are heartbreaking.

They're compelling many people to do something to help the people of Houston. Debra Alfarone spoke to several people organizing smaller fundraisers in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Jordin's Paradise in Dupont Circle is holding a fundraiser on Sunday, September 3rd. Rania Jaziri owns the Dupont Circle fitness studio. The fundraiser is a special Bollywood workout to raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief.

"I watched the videos this morning and broke down crying and, it's just horrible," said Rania. "I've lost everything before, I know how they feel so there's like no reason why I wouldn't do this."

Debra: "How have you lost everything before?"

Rania: "I've been in a domestic violence relationship, and he took everything from me one time, so I started from scratch, sleeping on the ground and everything, and I can totally feel how much devastation they are probably feeling, and they have lost their houses, and their cars and everything."

Rania is donating the studio. The fitness instructors are donating their time. One-hundred percent of all donations will go towards the Hurricane Harvey Relief fund.

Registration is free. They ask that you make a donation by clicking here and bring in your receipt.

Out next stop was Spanky's Shenanigans. It's a pub in Leesburg. Every Wednesday night, they have a happy hour and donate to dog-related causes. This week, the money goes to help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey. They've been collecting items for dogs and water for people. The response has been overwhelming and heart-warming. A simple Facebook post was shared more than 150 times and seen by more than 15,000 people. If you can't make the event, you can drop off items or donate money by clicking here.

Katie Pittas is one of the organizers, "We got together and we decided to make this little thing that's blown up into a huge thing to collect food supplies and paper towels, blankets all kinds of things for the dogs who need it down there."

Bridgette Kim is a 16-year-old student from Howard County. She attends Our Lady of Good Counsel High School and she decided to make a difference. She said the video affected her so much, she decided to donate every dollar she made from her summer internship to help the victims. She created a GoFundMe account to add to it and in just days, she's collected more than $3000. If you'd like to contribute, click here.