Less than three weeks left of Metro's Safetrack program, and the reviews are in. Well, at least Metro's own review of the program.

Our news partners, the Washington Post, report that Metro is calling its Safetrack program a success, 20 days before it wraps up.

Metro say Safetrack effectively consolidated three years of work into one year.

According to Metro, the number of defective wooden crossties, an important safety component, has dropped from 22 to two percent.

Also, Metro says the number of smoke and fire incidents has decreased by 16 percent.

However, not everyone is hailing Metro's program as a roaring success. The Federal Transit Administration would only say it was an important first step, after an earlier report found that the program wasn't as effective as it could be.

It looks like riders aren't totally on board either.

Customer service numbers still fall below Metro's target of 69 percent.