With proposals of Metro rail and bus fare hikes looming, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is urging leaders of bordering states to secure a more reliable funding stream for the cash-strapped agency.

“We can’t continue to put our heads in the sand,” said Bowser after the trio spoke to a regional summit of business leaders. “I think what the business community wants is leadership from all of us to get this solved once and for all.”

State sales taxes are being eyed as a possible fix to Metro’s grim financial outlook. Thursday, the agency’s board of directors will hear proposals to raise fares and cut service in order to finances in check.

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Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe says he’s told Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld he will be “the biggest cheerleader” when safety and reliability improves. The agency is in the middle of a major track safety makeover.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is more reluctant. The republican says few Marylanders ride the Metro.

“We’ve gotta deal with the whole state,” says Hogan. “The taxpayers of Maryland have to make a decision.”