If the performance in Game 1 by the Washington Wizards starting five is any indication, this opening round series against the Atlanta Hawks may not last too long.

Led by John Wall's 32 points, the Wizards starters outscored their Atlanta counterparts by 22 points in head to head time on court.

In a league dominated by star players (and trios), it's the Wizards five -- John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter, Markieff Morris, and Marcin Gortat -- that will be leaned heavily upon to defeat the Hawks.

A repeat performance in Game 2 would almost certainly mean a victory and 2-0 lead in the series for Washington, as well as give the Wizards a commanding lead in the series. Nearly 97 percent of teams to go up 2-0 at home in the NBA quarterfinals have gone on to win the series.

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