Getting back into the "back to school" swing of things can be tough for kids and parents. Executive functions like focusing, time-management and planning are not fully developed in children and adolescents says school psychologist and professor Dr. Eleazar Cruz Eusebio. So properly preparing for the transition to back to school after summer vacation can be difficult. Here are Dr. Eusebio's tips to help mentally prepare families for starting the school year.

  1. Dr. Eusebio says implement a bedtime and wake up time schedule you’ll be using during the school year. Using a visual aid like a DIY calendar can also be extremely helpful.
  2. Start journaling with your middle and high school aged children to encourage goal-setting, reflection, and planning says Dr. Eusebio.
  3. As a family, play a game like Pokémon GO, Simon Says, cards, strategy games, or simply take your children to a museum, library or zoo says Dr. Eusebio. By doing these activities it starts engaging in fun learning activities.
  4. For forgetful children, take a photo of them when they’re ready for school, says Dr. Eusebio. Place the photo on a luggage tag attached to their backpack to provide them with a visual aid each morning.

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