As the Wizards playoff run begins continues all eyes are on Head Coach Scott Brooks, who's guided his team from a pitiful start to post season play.

Aidan Kohn-Murphy recently sat down for a one-on-one with Brooks.

"He’s turned the wizards from a good team into like a great team," said 13-year-old Aidan.

Aidan is a kid reporter for Sports Illustrated and has scored some amazing interviews.

Capitals Captain Alexander Ovechkin was one of Aidan's favorites, even though he wasn't 100 percent confident about the task at hand.

"I whispered beforehand I'm really nervous he said... you're going to do’re going to do great what are you nervous about," Aidan.

The 13-year-old has an observation about the DMV's favorite Russian.

"Oh Ovechkin a lot of people think you can't understand him because of his Russian accent, I wouldn't say... it’s hard to understand him because of his limited number of teeth."

Baseball is Aidan's favorite sport. He loves playing catch with his brother Caleb in his Northwest backyard. His Mom said sometimes his interviews turn into a family affair.

"It has been so much fun for all of us to learn about these diff aspects of sports and go on stories with him," his mom said.

Fun might not be the word Aidan would use the first time his mom took him to an interview with his favorite player Anthony Rendon of the Nationals.

"There was really bad traffic and we arrived about a half hour late and I was freaking out and for my sports idol my mom had made me late," Aidan.

Aidan's Sports Illustrated editor said the seventh grader has blossomed into a very good writer and that he pitches more stories to her than any of the other kid reporters.

His mom has a feeling she knows what makes him good at this gig.

"He is fearless he's not scared to ask anyone anything and he's not scared to push to get what he needs so that sort of tenacity and perseverance has served him well," she said.

It took Aidan two tries to be hired as an SI Kid reporter.

While the assignment is nearing the end, he said he'd like to do this sports journalism thing for a living.