Sometimes you hear stories about professional sports teams helping the community. This one shows the power of partnership between the Redskins, the Urban League and a mattress company which made for a meaningful moment for a DC firefighter.

The Gaddis children frolicked in their front yard without really understanding what was about to happen to them and their firefighter father, Bernard Gaddis.

"It's rewarding to help people, save property, save lives."

Now, Gaddis is the one 'receiving' help.

His favorite team, the Burgundy, and Gold partnered with the Urban League and Leesa Mattress to provided mattresses for the single Dad and his five children.

"it a blessing its beautiful words can't describe how I'm feeling... the kids are excited."

DC Firefighter, Bernard Gaddis, recipient of free mattresses for him and his 5 children. He's a single father who's also a huge Redskins fan.

Gaddis has been a firefighter in the District for nine years. He's also an EMT. Providing for his family isn't always easy. "it's a financial blessing for me as well as the kids."

He bought his Northeast home two years ago thanks to a program through the Urban League.

Pres/CEO Urban League, George H Lambert, Jr. said about the day, "this is about a partnership of strengthening and continue to build community... you're part of the fabric of the community."

As the children played with gift bags, they tried to drink it all in.

When asked: what will it be like sleeping on a new mattress? "Comfy" was the answer.

The kids seemed to enjoy trying out the new bedding. Their smiles had to be of comfort to their Dad, still beaming about the Burgundy and Gold's part in the day.

"I've been a Redskins fan forever. I love the Redskins I'm a die hard fan just to have them here, and in my presence it's beautiful."

Gaddis also received a bottle of champagne and a note from owner Dan Snyder.

Plus the family will attend next weekend's pre-season game complete with sideline passes.