Sometimes, making good grades and staying in school isn't a matter of good study habits. Sometimes it's a matter of having a stable home life.

That's where Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg comes in. He and the team's Charitable Foundation launched a program Monday called Loads of Love, providing washing machines and dryers to elementary students in DC and Prince George's County.

Sundberg heard about the program from his wife, Flor who saw an article about it on social media. It was working with great success in California and she suggested they work to bring it to the DMV.

Studies show putting washers and dryers in schools and offering laundry services can help boost attendance, class participation and interest in extra-curricular activities.

Sundberg said, "just thinking about it like that if the solution to the problem is that simple, then we're failing as a society by not having programs like this."

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The team's long snapper went on to say he had "no clue" the extent of the problem.

Three schools are participating in the pilot program; Magnolia and Valley View Elementary Schools plus Andrew Jackson Academy, all in Prince George's County. Also, two shelters in DC are beneficiaries of the program, the Sasha Bruce House, and Sasha Bruce Independent Living Facility.

Ribbon cutting for the Loads of Love program in Prince George's County. Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg helped fund the program to put washers and dryers in schools and shelters to help students have better grades and attendance.

A ribbon cutting at Magnolia Elementary School Monday morning was the official kick-off of the program.

6th grader Fatou Dabo said while she didn't know any children personally who will benefit from the program she says it's "very important." And feels, "it's one of their needs, not one of their wants. It's a necessity for them."

Latricia Bailey, a PTA member who will oversee the program said, "anybody knows what its like how important it is to keep your clothes clean and when you don't have the resources and you don't have the means, it can be sad. It can be frustrating and for a lot of kids they carry that weight to school "

Sundberg hopes to "create a blueprint for other NFL or other Charitable Relations Departments... if we can do some good, if we take it step by step, it could be really cool."

Number 57 said Monday, the day after the Redskins big win in Seattle, that "it feels wonderful. Seeing all the kids, how excited everybody is.. it's a wonderful feeling."

He says he hopes to expand the program to other schools in the DMV.