George Mason University Assistant Basketball Coach Duane Simpkins tweeted he's disheartened by the racist letter Texas A&M head football coach, Kevin Sumlin received Sept. 7, four days after his Aggies team blew a 34 point lead and lost to UCLA.

George Mason assistant basketball coach, Duane Simpkins reacts to the racist letter sent to Texas A&M Coach, Kevin Sumlin.

The letter, tweeted by Sumlin's wife, Charlene, calls the African American coach a n***er and tells him to "get lost or else." His wife asked how "any part of this is ok" with the hashtag #orelsehwhat

Simpkins, who is also black, told me his initial reaction to the tweet was outrage. He added he was, "disheartened and then the other reaction was I wouldn't expect anything less... it's kind of what I expect to some extent. I hate to say that."

Former Maryland point guard Duane Simpkins during his playing days against Georgetown. 

The former University of Maryland standout says he believes the "leadership in our country has emboldened a number of people who have hid in the shadows.... and made it ok for people to voice their racist thoughts and even their racist actions."

Simpkins says he's never received a letter like that in his coaching career, but believes coaches should use incidents like this as teachable moments to student athletes, he says, are in a bubble on campus.

"We are teachers first and foremost... now as college coaches we do have a responsibility to teach more than just Xs and Os."

Back to the letter.

George Mason assistant basketball coach, Duane Simpkins with his children.

Sumlin's wife asked in her tweet if it occurred to the sender that a child might open it. Simpkins said reactions like that make him hesitant to take his wife and children to a coaching job in certain regions of the country where he feels that sentiment is traditional.