The New York Liberty are one of the best teams in the WNBA. One of the reasons why is because of a girl from our area.

Lindsay Allen started her storied career at St. John's College High School.

Growing up in Prince George's County as the youngest of three, Lindsay Allen wasn’t your girly girl.

"She would have tantrums when her mother would try and put ribbons and bonnets in her hair," Terrell Allen, her father, said with a smile on his face. "She didn’t like that stuff."

"I learned my lesson early," said Linday's mother Lorna-Wilson.

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Lindsay loved all types of sports at a young age, specifically basketball.

She started practicing in the basement with one small plastic rim when she was in diapers.

The hoop outside the Allen’s driveway is where Lindsay perfected her craft. She spent countless nights here working on her shots and ball skills to be the best.

"It started off that nobody wanted her on their team and then everybody she was the first one picked," Terrell remarked.

Nicknamed LA, her basketball IQ and work ethic separated herself from others. Her parents say she just had the innate ability to laser in on a task like nobody else and get it done.

In eighth grade, Lindsay had the tangibles and court vision that most kids her age didn't possess.

"I watched her in eighth grade for like five minutes in one game and that's all I needed to see," Lindsay's high school coach Jonathan Scribner commented. "I knew she was going to be special."

At St. John’s, the savvy point guard helped the team win two WCAC titles in four years on varsity. She added countless individual awards, which included D.C. Gatorade Player of the Year, McDonald's All-American honors, and three-time first team All-Met honors to name a few.

"Every single drill, every single layup, every single free throw was like it was the last one she was ever going to take," her high school coach Jonathan Scribner said. "In my four years of coaching her, not once did I have to tell her the same thing twice."

That type of focus helped Allen start all four years at Notre Dame. She developed into one of the best point guards in the nation. She became a third team All-American and Notre Dame’s career leader in assists as well as first team All-ACC.

"I wasn’t surprised," Scribner added. "You could see it coming."

Then this April the New York Liberty picked her in the second round .

"One of her dreams was to play pro ball," Allen's mom said. "We weren’t sure the WNBA would exist when she got out to be honest. Thankfully it did and now the parents get to see their baby grind on the biggest level."

She was cut before the season. However, the team brought her back after other point guards got injured or went overseas. Lindsay never gave up.

"She’s got a pretty sweet gig. She’s got a fulltime job and benefits and no living expenses."

Lindsay lives in apartment complex and has a rental car service at her disposal. Not to mention, she can go to a cafeteria spot and get free meals there.

While Lindsay is still adjusting to speed of the WNBA, she sees more time in games and the Liberty work well when she runs the point. People take notice.

"She has little kids come up to her on the street and ask for her autograph," her mom said. "She'll do it and sign whatever they want. It's pretty cool."