Imagine having a front row seat to history, or in the case of Jim McCue, a track side view.

He has spent five decades documenting dreams at the Preakness.

McCue was there in 1973 as Secretariat won the Preakness Stakes on his way to winning the Triple Crown.

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"My favorite horse of all time was Secretariat. Just beauty in motion," he recalled.

McCue photographed four Triple Crown winners, including 2015's American Pharoah.

2015 Preakness winner, American Pharoah who went on to win the Triple Crown

"People can't realize standing down there on that race track, and have them horses come thundering down around and then come to the finish line, your heart's beating. Your adrenaline's pumping. It's such a great feeling."

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From big time winners to smaller ponies, McCue has captured all of them on film.

He especially loves taking pictures of kiddo jockeys.

Jim McCue has been photographing horse races, big and small for 47 years.

McCue was honored Thursday by the Maryland Jockey Club for his 47-year photography career. He received the 2017 Special Merit Award.

His interest in photography piqued when he was in the Army in Vietnam. Now, five decades later he still loves what he does.

"I love coming out here every day. Hope it lasts a little bit longer. I have a few more years in me," McCue said.