Do you remember what you kept in your locker? Tight End for the Washington Redskins, Vernon Davis keeps a little bit of everything in his locker, and we were able to see all of it.

Even though he may be a neat freak at home, his locker shows us a different story.

The first thing Davis showed us was his cleats that are covered with names and schools that made him the man he is today.

One of the names on his cleats is Duke, which he told us stands for a childhood nickname that has followed him to adulthood.

His family called his father Big Duke and passed on Little Duke to Davis. But he's not a fan, seeing as his family members still call him that at 33 years old.

Need a reason to keep Under Armor apparel in your locker? Vernon has many reasons and we're sure the biggest is the endorsement deal that he currently has with them.

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We also found lots and lots of Muscle Tech. If you're wondering what to give Vernon for a birthday gift, you can't go wrong with that particular protein powder. Maybe that's what still has him going this long in the league.

Speaking of gifts, you could probably add house slippers to that list. Davis keeps a pair in his locker that he wears around the Redskins' facilities, and yes other players give him a very hard time about it.

The only thing in Vernon Davis' locker that we could not understand, and frankly he didn't either, was a golf ball.

Why does Vernon Davis have a golf ball in his locker? Does he secretly want to be the next Tiger Woods? When we find out, we'll be sure to pass that information to you.