This time last year, Terrelle Pryor was on his way to having a phenomenal season.

He was the leading receiver on the Cleveland Browns and would go on to finish the year with a total of 1,007 yards.

But that was a different season and a different team.

As we head into week 8 of the 2017 NFL season, Pryor only has 33 targets and a total of 223 yards.

At this point he’s averaging half the total yards per game that he was averaging last year as a Brown.

So again, we ask the question, where in the world is Terrelle Pryor?

In the Redskins’ loss to the Eagles Monday night, Pryor had just two catches for 14 yards. That was in the entire game.

How does a receiver who was once the leading receiver on a team the previous season, now average about 31 yards per game?

Could it be that when the game is on the line and everyone is counting on him, he can’t step up?

The Associated Press reported that quarterback Kirk Cousins didn’t even mention Pryor in his list of options he had for the game.

Maybe it was an innocent mistake. Maybe not. Either way, we all noticed it.

So, what does the man in question think about the lack of touches he’s having?

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After the Monday night game against the Eagles, Pryor said “I was on the sideline really just cheering my teammates on,” Pryor said. "Just trying to be the best teammate I could be on the sideline and get guys pumped up. Whatever I could do on the sideline."

That sounds good and all, but we all know the Redskins aren’t paying him $8 million to be a cheerleader on the sidelines.

They brought him on the team because they saw his athleticism and his ability to make plays on the field.

That has yet to happen this season. It makes us think, is relationship going to be short lived?