SEATTLE -- Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is talking about last Sunday's emotional meltdown on the sidelines in his own words, and praising his teammates for their reaction to it.

"People always quick to criticize and watch a snort snip and judge, but football's a game where a lot of things happen." said Sherman in a video posted on The Players' Tribune website.

It happened after the Seahawks left Falcons receiver Julio Jones wide open for a third quarter touchdown in Seattle's 26-24 win. Sherman was seen yelling at players and coaches after the play.

"This is our job," said Sherman "That's part of the joy of watching the NFL is to see the emotion. To see the ups and the downs."

Sherman praised his teammates who, instead of firing back at him, worked to get him back into the fold. They jumped up and down, smiling, and cheering him on.

"We got great leadership and we're led by the players. We got great coaches as well, but they also understand that in moments like that, it's football. It's something that's between the players and that's something that's going to be dealt with by the players," said Sherman.

The cornerback also said he shrugs off those who would call him out and says it's perfectly fine for others to pass judgment.

"When you hear the critiques of others, and you hear about other people judging your performances you can easily brush it off because nobody's harder on you than you," said Sherman. "I've been criticizing myself for probably going on 25, 26 years now."

Sherman is a regular Thursday contributor to The Players' Tribune, which gives athletes a chance to tell their own stories without going through the media.