SEATTLE -- With no game this week, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has a little extra time on his hands. So he answered questions from fans.

Sherman is a regular contributor to The Player's Tribune -- a website that allows athletes to write articles themselves, in their words.

Sherman opened up his mailbag to answer a few questions about football and about life. Here are just a few snippets.

On what sport he would play besides football

"Basketball. No doubt. I love the intensity of every game. It’s a lot of fun."

On the most underrated player on the Seahawks - linebacker K.J. Wright

"We’re not a 3–4 defense. So it’s difficult for a guy like K.J. to get the stats he needs to be viewed as a Pro Bowl player, even though he’s been playing at a Pro Bowl level for a number of years."

Sherman also says Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin -- who he also played with at Stanford -- is the toughest competitor he's ever lined up against.

On the biggest challenge of being a dad

"The most challenging part has probably been having patience. Understanding that kids literally don’t know any better — they don’t know anything — and it’s your job to teach them."

On bullying

"Kids bully other kids because they have their own insecurities and things they need to deal with internally, and they turn around and take it out on other people. "

Sherman also explains what he thinks about calls for athletes to speak up about social issues, about the first thing he would do if he were running the NFL, and on what he knows now about playing football that he wished he knew back in college.

And you want to check out the really cool photo of his basketball court which has the numbers of the Legion of Boom members painted on it.

Read his full mailbag here