NFL punters rarely ever make a highlight reel.

That’s not the case as Redskins punter Tress Way highlights this week’s edition of 9-Cribs.

Inside his locker you will find a trivia board game created by Tress Way himself.

The Skins punter says quarterback Kirk Cousins is the best on the team at playing the game.

Way is a also huge Harry Potter fan. So much so he calls his table tennis paddle “The Elder Wand” after the book.

The paddle is locked inside a fancy black case.

The paddle must be magical because Tress Way is the best table tennis player on the team.

He’s also a neat freak. Tress lines up his four pairs of shoes and organizes them by practice time, work time, shower time and home time.

He says, “whenever you get down the line it’s been a good day.”

Way loves country music, and claims he’s not a jersey collector but has a Chiefs' and Bears' jersey in his locker.

Lastly, Tress Way shared that he keeps sweatpants that he wears every day in his locker.

That's good to know Way, but are they clean is the question.