Redskins linebacker Junior Galette has some explaining to do.

In a video released by TMZ Thursday, a man who they identify as Galette is seen being chased down a Mississippi street by police.

The incident actually occurred back in April, but the video wasn't initially released.

Galette was in Biloxi, MS when he was accused of fighting an unknown individual.

The Biloxi police were called and it was reported that Galette took off running away from the police.

In the video, you can see the officer chasing a man and yelling, "Stop [expletive]! I'm gonna taze your a**!!"

The man continues to run, and the officer sticks to his word by sending a shock through the man's body with a Taser.

The Taser immediately causes the man to fall to the ground, allowing the officer to catch up with him.

Once the officer catches up, you can hear the officer saying, "I may be a big white guy, but you know what? I told you to stop.”

USA Today reported in April that Galette had been arrested at a spring break concert.

It is unknown why the video was not released until now.