What do most people do when they have too many shoes?

Apparently they hold on to them.

At least that's what Washington Redskins' running back Chris Thompson does.

As we took a look inside his locker this week, we saw all that makes Thompson great.

He has about 20 pair of shoes that are in a box outside his locker, because there just isn't enough room inside.

He admitted he's a little messy sometimes as all of the shoes fell out of the box.

That's good Chris.

Admitting is the first step.

Also in Thompon's locker you can find a Cameron Irving jersey who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, and a Nigel Bradham jersey from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Thompson played with both players in college at Florida State University, and he played against Bradham in high school.

While we're on the subject of high school, there is also a "Remember When" box in his locker that includes memories from high school and growing up, written down on individual pieces of paper and tied with a ribbon.

Thompson explains to us that a friend who knows him very well created that for him to help him with the tough times.

I'm sure we could all use a friend like that.

You know what else we could use?

Epsom salt.

Lots and lots of epsom salt.

As Chris Thompson explains that it's the answer to him being healthy, I know first hand that it works wonders.

What's a football locker without a helmet?

Thompson's helmet includes a face mask, that he tells us is something he's always liked.

Growing up he was a Miami Hurricane fan, and players like Sean Taylor and Brandon Meriweather were guys he looked up to that also wore face masks.

One thing is for sure.

When Thompson steps on the field with his face mask and Loud Mouth mouthpiece, defenders are definitely intimidated.