When our own Darren Haynes was asked by the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders to do a version of cribs on them, he found it hard to resist.

Wouldn't you?

This week’s 9 Cribs will spotlight two -year captain, Chantelle!

As soon as we walked into the cheerleaders’ locker room, we could see the highly decorated locker that Chantelle told us was decorated by her fellow cheerleaders on the team.

We could easily see the huge champagne bottle decoration and asked her why her team decided to put that on her locker.

“My cheer line is called the Champagne Campaign for Chantelle", she said.

Our crew did not know what to expect when checking out a cheerleaders’ locker, but we were not surprised by the amount of inspiration found.

After all, that’s what fans and players count on them to do.

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What’s a cheerleader without multiple cheer uniforms and pom poms?

Chantelle let us have a peak at the many uniforms they have, and even shared with us her favorite.

Speaking of favorites, she has a favorite photo that was gifted to her by the team last Christmas, that hangs in her locker.

The photo is lined with messages from her teammates that tell why they appreciate her.

Also in her locker, you can find a couple quotes that she likes to look at after a hard day.

One of the quotes reads, “Live with intention. Be bold in the face of adversity. Live the life you were desired for.”

These quotes and pictures that her children draw for her help her stay encouraged.

In addition to cheering for the Washington Redskins on game days, the cheerleaders also go on tours to spread cheer and a little piece of home to our troops.

Chantelle showed us a pouch that she keeps from Tour 50, filled with badges and medals from the soldiers she met.

How many eye lashes do you think the cheerleaders go through a season?

We asked, and the cheer captain told us anywhere between 30 and 40 pair.

That’s a lot of eyelashes for those of you that are not sure.

But maybe the most cherished item she keeps in her locker is a horseshoe she received on a bonding trip at a horse ranch, that her and fellow teammates went on.

She shares that the horseshoe is for good luck and that’s why she keeps it in her locker.

Maybe Chantelle can share some of that luck with that the Redskins.