Ever wonder what the starting quarterback for an NFL team keeps inside his locker?

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins gave us an in depth tour of his locker out at Redskins Park.

Cousins is very detail oriented, and nothing makes that more evident than a print out in his locker. On the print out, he has names and faces of the local media members so that Cousins can remember all of the local media he encounters during the season.

The Redskins quarterback is also very big on inspiration.

Cousins has a pair of shoes in his locker that have the acronym FINAO which stands for "Failure Is Not An Option."

He tells us that the shoes were inspired by a boy in Chicago who was shot and killed.

Cousins keeps a bible verse in his locker from the Book of Matthew that "talks about where your heart should be, what you should value in this world."

One of the more unique sources of inspiration is a picture of a bird eating a frog, while the frog is trying to choke the bird.

"I actually put that in my locker back in 2014 when I wasn't playing very well, was riding the bench," says Cousins. "Put that there as a reminder to just keep going."

One thing missing from his locker that we expect to change in the near future is baby pictures! Kirk Cousins and his wife Julie are expecting their first child any day now.