Washington Redskins linebacker Martrell Spaight showed us what's inside his locker.

Some of the items inspire him and others just make him look good!

Here's what he says about what's in his locker:

  1. Wolverine figures: Spaight said it motivates him to bring out his killer instinct on the field.
  2. An old news article: The article spoke negatively of Spaight's previous season. He said he uses it to motivate him this season.
  3. Gloves. "If you look good, you feel good, you play good."
  4. Wireless headphones: In case his girlfriend is yelling at hime, he doesn't want his teammates to hear.
  5. Versace sweats: "Women love sweats."
  6. Arkansas gear: You have to represent your school colors, Spaight said.