I hate to say he's a cheerleader, but if the pom poms fit, go team go.

Sports Anchor Darren Haynes did not hold anything back Wednesday when giving his commentary on the Redskins' wide receiver Terrelle Pryor.

To start, he said, "The Redskins are paying Terrelle Pryor 8-million dollars to ride the bench."

Yes, that is 100% true. They brought Pryor on the team last year after seeing his stellar performance with the Cleveland Browns.

But here we are heading into week 8, and it doesn't seem like the Redskins are getting their money's worth.

Another thing that caught Darren's ear, was hearing quarterback Kirk Cousins mention all the options he had on the team, and not mention Terrelle Pryor's name.

He named 6 players on the team, and Darren couldn't believe that Pryor wasn't one of them.

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Even after hearing Vernon Davis say, "I feel like he's been doing a great job" he wasn't convinced.

"My man is lying.", Haynes exclaimed.

So, when Darren heard Pryor express that he was cheering on his team from the sidelines, he only had one thing left to say.

“You know who else is on the sideline cheering on the team and getting guys pumped up?”

Then a still photo of a Redskins’ cheerleader pops up on screen.

So Terrelle, if cheering is what you want to do, go Terrelle go!