March Madness is just getting started.

This year, two hometown college hoops hopefuls in the NCAA tournament.

Men’s teams from University of Maryland AND University of Virginia take the court for the first round tomorrow.

Lots of folks from the DC Metro area got to Orlando Wednesday night.

It is 62 degrees there. WUSA9's Pete Muntean talked to some Terps fans who heard the forecast and made the call to come here only a couple days ago.

Like their beloved Terrapins, these two buddies from Maryland are on a hopeful journey.

"I'm not worried one bit," Steve Hamilton said.

This is all Steve Hamilton’s idea. When the Terps made it to the tournament, he dialed up his old buddy from work, Jim Hiteshue.

"t was totally last minute," Hiteshue said. "My buddy Steve texted me or called me and said hey I heard you're interested in coming and ended up were here. Just on a whim."

A whim in the truest sense. These two do not have tickets yet. They’re spending Wednesday night searching downtown Orlando. The Terps play take the court at the Amway Center at 6:50 Thursday night.

"The game is not sold out but we could certainly go to the ticket office the old fashioned way but what fun is that," Hamilton said.

This approach has worked for Steve before. He got tickets this way four years ago for the Ravens in the Super Bowl. This duo is hoping for some luck. And that it will rub off on the Terps, too.

"This whole year is a wish for us. We're going to get our way in the door one way or another," Hiteshue added.

Terps tickets for Thursday are selling online right now. They’re about $65.

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