Could Ed Sheeran and the Washington Mystics be on a collision course?

If the Mystics' series against the Minnesota Lynx goes to a fourth game, Washington will be forced to play outside the comforts of the Capital One Arena.

Ed Sheeran is scheduled to perform next Tuesday and Wednesday at Capital One Arena. His concert on Tuesday, September 19, conflicts with a potential Lynx at Mystics Game 4.

The concert is taking precedence in Chinatown, which is forcing the Mystics' game to move from the spacious Capital One Arena to the much smaller McDonough Gym on the campus of Georgetown University.

Capital One Arena seats over 18,000 people, McDonough Gym seats only 2,500. The Mystics lone home playoff game drew 6,483 people. Safe to say, it'll be really crowded at McDonough Gym if there is going to be a Game 4.