Several NFL teams started training camp Thursday including Washington's.

Day 1 of training camp is the day die hard football fans have been waiting for because it means the regular season is just weeks away.

The gates opened at 9:30 a.m. and while it seemed like just a trickle of fans, that was not the case.

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Folks were held up at the metal detector so keep that in mind if you're coming down. Be sure to pack your patience.

We found all kinds of fans, including Terri Russell and her son who've been attending camp for 27 years.

Terri Russel and her 30 year old son, Jake have been attending Redkins Training Camps together for 27 years. This photo was taken in 1991 when camp was at Dickinson College.

And then there's 10 year old Derrick Lee who's at his first.

He loves the Burgundy and Gold, his Dad's a Cowboys fan and his Step Dad, a Giants fan.

Derrick and his family were on their way back to NY from vacation in Myrtle beach when the family decided to surprise Derrick with this training camp experience.

Derrick Lee and his family were traveling from Myrtle Beach South Carolina to their home in New York. Derrick's Dad is a Cowboys fan, his Step-Dad is a Giants fan and he loves the Burgundy and Gold. The family surprised him with this stop at camp.

After the morning walk through that was off limits to television cameras, players signed autographs and spent time with fans.

We also learned during Kirk Cousins' press conference that he wide receiver Terrell Pryor randomly met at an Ohio rest stop last summer.

Cousins said he was road tripping from Holland back to Ashburn for training camp when he made a pit stop at a Cleveland rest stop.

Pryor, who was incognito in a hoodie, walked up to Cousins and the two started talking. Pryor was on his way back to camp with the Browns.

After talking a little football, they went their separate ways. Now Pryor catches passes from Capt. Kirk.