The Washington Nationals introduced Dave Martinez as the team's new manager.

WUSA9 Sports Director Darren Haynes spent a little time chatting with the Nats' new skipper.

Q: You're inheriting this new team, who would you not give the keys to your car to?

A: Bryce Harper.

Q: Why?

A: I think he would drive fast.

Q: How would you describe Bryce Harper's hair in one word?

A: Flow.

Q: If you can play one song in the clubhouse, and you can pick only one artist, who would it be? Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift?

A: I'd have to go Taylor Swift.

Q: Do you know any of her songs?

A: Probably not, but I think the boys would know a lot more of her songs than Justin Bieber.

Q: If you bring the onesies and the pajamas to this clubhouse, what's going to be your pajama?

A: Camo.

Q: Is there a food you eat, that you know you shouldn't?

A: Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza.

Q: If I was on your team, what would you do to me if I showed up late or I didn't hustle?

A: That's a $100 bottle of wine. Put it on my chair.