With manager Dusty Baker let go last week, the Nationals have decided to start looking for his replacement.

According to WUSA media partner The Washington Post, The Washington Nationals will interview Cub's Bench coach Dave Martinez for the open position.

Martinez has been on the Cubs' coaching staff for 2 years now, and was a part of the 2016 coaching staff that lead to the Cubs winning the World Series.

The Washington Post reports that Martinez has also applied for several other manager openings since 2010 and was in fact a candidate for the Nationals job in 2013.

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon told The Chicago Tribune, "It's baffling to me a bit why [Martinez isn't considered] more often. He's been around a lot of winning teams here, and not only that, him as a player, that's what drew me to him a bit with the Rays."

Seeing that Martinez now has a World Series Championship under his belt, he may be the perfect person for the job.

Even though the Washington Nationals have won division titles in the past two years, they've never won the World Series.

The Nationals have come so close winning a World Series Title, and it's easy for anyone to see why looking at a coach who has won a World Series title themselves, makes sense.

We do know that whomever the Nationals decide to hire, that person will be their sixth manager since 2009.