As the Nationals gear up for Game 4 Tuesday evening, one of their biggest fans has some advice to help them win.

In a video posted on Twitter Monday, 8-year-old Jude Ozaluk pumps up her favorite players.

The girl from Denver, Colorado has become a bit of a viral sensation after she met Jayson Werth in June.

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"Where's the fire? Fist-pumping, high-fiving, butt slapping," Ozaluk says in a video posted to Twitter.

"Come on, [Trea] Turner, when I was at your camp in Washington, you told me to 'hit the ball, get on base and steal,'" she said in the video. "[Bryce] Harper do the tap because I believe it and you should too, because when I'm low on the count, it helps me, so it should help you too. "

"Murphy, you have a name in this household for a reason -- it's Daniel 'Hits' Murphy because you hit bombs," Jude adds.

"Jayson, my Jayson, you have to pump those guys up tomorrow, you gotta be a hitter tomorrow, you have to swing those bats," she said. "Guys, I believe in you, we have to throw out that curly W tomorrow. I believe in you"

We're not sure the Nationals will play Tuesday due to weather, but if they do their pint-sized fan is rooting for them!