The "We Salute Our Heroes" wall at Quicken Loans National honors the service and sacrifice of our military.

Every signature has a story.

"It's overwhelming," that's how Valerie Takesue feels when she looks at the wall.

She spent 26 years as an Army analyst and left her mark on the mall.

"I just wanted to have a small note meaningful to me," she said.

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When asked what she wrote, Takesue said " I said thank you to my fellow service brothers and sisters past, present and future."

Former and current Military members signed with green pen. Everyone else signed in black.

Gail Rapps is a Military Mom.

"My son's a Marine vet, so I love the troops and I love to support them," she said.

They all sign with gratitude, like Naval Academy graduate and employee, Byron Marchant, who shares what he was thinking about as he was signing.

"Sacrifice everybody's made for this's a dangerous world...we live in this very comfortable environment that we take it for granted," he said.

Neither Heather Kerr or her daughter Lily Stewart take it for granted. The entire family signed the wall.

"We just found a small way to say thanks. Maybe it will give them a little lift to their day to know how much they are appreciated by our family," said Kerr.

Lily added that she didn't sign because her parents made her.

"No, I wanted to sign," she said. "I've been going to Army-Navy games for a long time now and they've always touched my heart in a way, so just to say something nice."

She got choked up while thinking about this.

Organizers say they get about a couple thousand signatures per wall and this was the fourth and final wall of the tournament.

WUSA9's Diane Roberts signed in honor of her father who was in the Air Force for 27 years and is now retired.