The Maryland gymnastics team will take the stage Sunday for their first competition of the season, but they won't be alone. They'll share the stage with the men's gymnastics team in an event called Beauty and the Beast.

The co-competition takes its name from a popular Disney movie, but it's all about athleticism.

This is the third year in a row for the event, meant to broaden the audience for both sports.

"It's a special event to have two great programs showcased at the same time its so exciting and fun," said Gymnastics Coach Brett Nelligan. "When you get in that arena and have twice the teams twice the fans the energy level goes up. We love that."

Terrapins Gymnastics team practices for Beauty and the Beast

Fans love seeing the grit and grace. The athletes themselves know the task at hand, but might sneak a peak at their cross sport teammates.

"We try to focus on ourselves but sometimes I look over and they're just rolling around on the floor, so yeah, I will occasionally peek," Gymnast Sarah Faller said. "But I'm pretty much in my zone."

Wrestler David-Brian Whisler said, "It's hard not to see those little girls like flying all over the place and jumping all over. It's like, wow, that's crazy."

As for the event's title, nobody's taking offense at wrestlers being called beasts.

"In sports if you hear someone say, 'he's a beast,' [it means] he's legit, he's tough," said Wrestling Coach Kerry McCoy. "In wrestling you hear he's a beast, you better be ready for it."

And fans better be ready for the full-on athleticism coming their way from both teams.