It's been a longtime coming, but field hockey kicked off its first season in Loudoun County this past August.

"I actually cheered before this and I was looking for a new sport and so since field hockey was new to Loudoun County, I thought it'd be a good idea to meet a lot of new kids and I wouldn't be the only one so I went out and I made the team. I was really shocked!" freshman Kendall Brisco said, laughing.

Fourteen schools county-wide now offer the sport, and most represent a collection of 'veteran' players who've spent years traveling for local rec leagues, combined with girls interested in trying their hands at a new sport.

Woodgrove is part of that bunch, but the Wolverines sparked seemingly instant chemistry. Their team work and love for this game, whether longtime held or newly found, has allowed them to achieve a 12-1 record, with three regular season games left to play.

"They've really rised to the occasion and honestly it's...I'm just so impressed and taken back by it," said assistant coach and Loudoun Valley High alum Sarah Furr. "Every day they get a little bit better and a little bit closer and right to where we want them to be."

While the teams can play on school grounds with the name and logo on their backs, they're still considered a 'tier-two' sport, which means they're responsible for the funding. Collecting that money has been a massive and integral part of the journey, but one that's perhaps bonded the group even further, while spreading word of Loudoun County's newest athletic offering.

"It's a lot of money. It's om...more than I could ever imagine," said junior Ally Wizinski. ""We just go like door-to-door and ask our friends like, 'Hey, do you want to support Woodgrove field hockey?' And that's when you get into the conversation about like oh, like when did it start up? How's it going? And it was cool that people actually cared and like noticed us."

Whether they've realized it or not, the Wolverines -- these student-athletes, their parents, their coaches, their friends, and administration -- have essentially become ambassadors for the sport. As long as they maintain that passion, and continue logging 'W's' in the win/loss column, the spirited bunch will continue to get noticed.