As many of you prepare for Thanksgiving, keep in mind those who don't have the means to put on a big holiday dinner.

The Redskins Charitable Foundation has been keeping them in mind for 15 years.

This morning thousands showed up at FedEx Field for the annual Harvest Feast.

You could see them from Sky 9, lined up, and waiting for the holiday cheer headed their way.

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Katherine and Sonny Chapman were two of the 25 hundred expected for the 15th annual Harvest Feast.

Adorned in her Redskins gear, she notices fellow fans quickly.

"Hi, I like your Redskins stuff."

There were four stations of food, which added together would make a complete Thanksgiving meal.

One fan getting a turkey from Burgundy and Gold player Anthony Lanier couldn't help but bring up Sunday's overtime loss to the Saints.

"Happy Thanksgiving!"

"Thank you!"

"What happened in that game last night?"

Lanier helped spread the gratitude of the season.

"Just the support to have a great Thanksgiving, everybody should have a great Thanksgiving, and everybody should have great days their whole life."

Katherine spread cheer and her love of the Redskins at every turn.

"Thank you! We love the Redskins! Happy thanksgiving!"

Katherine has been a fan since she was four years old. She's been out of work lately, so this comes at a good time.

"We feel happy and blessed, this was a real help for our family. We kind of needed something. I wasn't going to do Thanksgiving but now we're blessed to get something. As a family, we're going to cook together and then sit down and watch the Redskins!"

Since the program began, the Charitable Foundation has given away more than a million pounds of packaged and fresh food, and 500 thousand pounds of turkey. That kind of puts the loss to the Saints in perspective.