With the big rivalry game on Sunday, we searched high and low to find what Dallas and Washington had in common.

Finally, our own Darren Haynes found it.

23-year old kicker raised in Dallas Texas, and is now the Washington Redskins’ kicker, will start in Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

Nick Rose, who is originally from Hawaii, moved to Dallas at a young age.

He didn’t play football until he was a junior in high school.

But that late start in football didn’t stop him from making an 80-yard field goal in practice.

It’s one of those things you must see to believe.

Want to know something else you must see to believe?

A back flip field goal kick by Rose himself.

You can see in the video that he makes it look easy.

However, according to Rose it took many tries before landing the perfect kick.

I wonder if that kick is what made the Redskins pick him up.