This week’s edition of 9Cribs featured Washington Redskins Tight End, Niles Paul.

Like many pro athletes, Paul has an athletic sponsor that happens to be Under Armor.

As we were able to get a look inside his locker, the Under Armor cleats were neatly lined up at the bottom.

Right beside the Under Armor cleats were his more “fashionable” cleats, which are made by Jordan and were actually given to him by teammate Jordan Reed.

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Paul loves to wear sunglasses, so his visor on his helmet gives him that ability to have that same feel he likes during games.

Inside a cabinet you will see a figure of the Super Saiyan from the cartoon Dragon Ball Z.

Paul was not shy in telling us that’s what he likes to call himself.

Yes, we had to google what a Super Saiyan was.

There was also a coke can with his name on it that he received at one of his first training camps.

He mentions that its probably not that tasty at this point.

Lastly, in Niles Paul’s locker you will see his hachimaki.

He explained to us that it was what Mr. Miyagi gave Daniel-san before his final fight in the movie Karate Kid.

After returning from his injury this year and going to training camp, Paul said he wore it and it made him feel like Daniel-san.

We’re just happy he didn’t start doing karate moves on the field.