First off, before you start bashing me for being "anti-animal friendly" and not having a heart it should be noted that I have NOTHING against animals at all.

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Now that we have cleared the air...somebody HAS to say it. Can we talk about WHY everybody is so darn obsessed with this giraffe giving birth? We went from saying goodbye to Bao Bao the panda for two weeks straight to this. Let's give our furry friends a break already!

But seriously, can somebody please explain to me what the fascination is? This is day ummmmm 787? of the constant Facebook Live alerts and updates of "April is about to give birth," "WATCH NOW, April could give birth at ANY MOMENT now," BREAKING NEWS: Giraffe is about to give birth," and the list goes on and on.

What makes matters even more confusing is the fact that Denver Zoo QUIETLY (and I STRESS quietly) welcomed a newborn giraffe just a few days ago. And GET THIS, the Animal Adventure Park in New York (YES the SAME park) welcomed a baby cria (llama) to the world on Thursday. So why is it that we are so hung up on this zoo animal happening?

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With this all being said, I suppose watching a giraffe stand around and wait to give birth is a nice change of pace from all of the bad news and political rants that normally clog up our Facebook pages on a daily basis. But how exciting is it really watching April stand in the corner of the zoo pen for hours, day after day? Please, somebody just tell me what I am missing! Because I can find plenty of other ways to waste my time, trust me.

Lastly, it must be noted that this obsession is a little bizarre. Are you absolutely sure you actually want to witness this birth? I've watched a Youtube video of a giraffe giving birth...and well let's say it's not how I want to necessarily spend my Saturday afternoon. But hey, to each its own.

At this point all we can hope for is that April gives birth any moment now so we can get back to our lives. And let's keep our fingers crossed that this baby giraffe doesn't come overnight when we are all asleep... because well, wouldn't that just be so ironic.

If you REALLY want to watch this giraffe and this entire rant MEANT NOTHING to you, be my guest: