On Monday, while the D.C. region braced for snow, the District’s mayor was meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office about the impending winter storm.

Mayor Muriel Bowser sat down with Bruce Johnson during ‘Off Script with Bruce Johnson’ Tuesday evening. She called the meeting “great” and “productive” and said it was as a chance for everyone in their administrations to learn how they can work together during severe weather.

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Pres. Trump tweeted a photo of them gathered around his desk.

“Meeting w/ Washington, D.C. @MayorBowser and Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld about incoming winter storm preparations here in D.C. Everyone be safe!” he captioned the photo.

“This is the first big storm of this administration,” Mayor Bowser explained. “Our goals were to make sure he recognized the calls that his team, his administration, makes around when to open the federal government or when to release the federal government early.”

Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld also was present.

“I also wanted him to know the impact that Metro has on our region in carrying our federal workforce,” Bowser added.

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Bruce Johnson asked if the mayor and president had a chance to talk about anything else.

She said the conversation stayed on track.

“We were pretty focused in this meeting on Metro and on our relationship when we prepare for inclement weather,” Bowser said.