2017 was a whirlwind--especially on twitter. And now that it is finally coming to a close, we are looking back at the most popular Twitter posts. These posts that got liked and retweeted hundreds and thousands of times.

10.) Woman who flipped off president's motorcade gets job offer, $77k in donations

The Northern Virginia woman who was fired for flipping off Pres. Trump’s motorcade received an outcry of support on Twitter and all over social media, raising over $77,000 in donations on GoFundMe in November. In the last month, she has received $133,000 in donations surpassing her $100,000 goal.

9.) DC among drunkest places in the country

Many Twitter followers were surprised to find out DC was ranked one of the drunkest cities in the country. In fact, according to a study, it ranks number 2 in the percentage of people who've had one drink in the past month.

8.) First twins, now triplets: This mom of 3 is welcoming 3 more

A Waldorf family got a lot of attention after they found out that they will soon be welcoming triplets into the family. That comes after conceiving twins two years ago, and a son six years ago.

7.) DC's largest domestic violence shelter needs food

Domestic violence is a huge issue, with about 20 people being physically abused by romantic partners every 60 seconds. But with the help of shelters, like DC SAFE, more people can leave abusive relationships. In October, DC SAFE did not have enough food to feed the victims. When WUSA9 tweeted out the story, hundreds of people retweeted and responded, spreading the word about the food shortage.

DC's largest domestic violence shelter needs food https://t.co/owA8t7F1mP pic.twitter.com/CA7q1ECktp

— WUSA9 (@wusa9) October 24, 2017

6.) Greenpeace protesters 'resist' Trump, climb crane near White House

Seven Greenpeace protesters scaled a construction crane, just days after the Presidental Inauguration to send a message to President Trump. They posted a 70-foot by 35-foot banner with the word "resist" written on it to bring attention to environmental problems. The tweet gained a lot of attention, receiving over 200,000 impressions.

The Greenpeace protesters got their "resist' sign hanging in front of the White House to send a message to Trump. https://t.co/eiwUafJWSq pic.twitter.com/ulAvI1Sz2h

— WUSA9 (@wusa9) January 25, 2017

5.) Protesters smash windows at Bank of America, Starbucks in Northwest D.C.

Inauguration day was a chaotic day in DC, especially when a group of protester smashed windows of a Starbucks and a Bank of America in Northwest D.C. WUSA9 tweeted a video of the incident which was viewed over 170,000 times.

Protesters smash windows at Bank of America, Starbucks in Northwest D.C. on #InaugurationDay. (Video courtesy: @jclothiaux11) pic.twitter.com/1R9CC5fUaH

— WUSA9 (@wusa9) January 20, 2017

4.) Feds arrest dozens of suspected gang members in DC area

After months of FBI investigation, hundreds of federal agents and local police arrested 30-alleged "Blood" gang members. Agents found thousands of grams of cocaine, crystal meth, and heroin, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Alexandria said.

FBI confirms there is currently court authorized law enforcement activity in the DC region involving state and federal agencies. Here's what we know: https://t.co/GNAN7JP023

— WUSA9 (@wusa9) December 6,

3.) 'If You Don't Arrest Him, He'll Kill Me,' She Said. The Next Day, He Did, Police Say 6

An Atlanta man admitted to killing his girlfriend, just one day after she called the police and begged them to arrest him saying, "If you don't arrest him, he is going to kill me." WUSA9 Twitter followers were outraged, saying they wished the police had done more.

'If You Don't Arrest Him, He'll Kill Me,' She Said. The Next Day, He Did, Police Say https://t.co/J6lYkmFFju pic.twitter.com/GMr7cRt9lR

— WUSA9 (@wusa9) November 26, 2017

2.) People are marrying themselves; it's called 'sologamy.'

A new marriage trend got a lot of attention in May. People were tying the knot with themselves. When WUSA9 tweeted about the story, many people responded with shock. The tweet received over 600,000 impressions, along with thousands of likes and retweets.

People are marrying themselves, it's called 'sologamy' https://t.co/Zl4Ey2oZjj pic.twitter.com/O06hHb94hl

— WUSA9 (@wusa9) May 13, 2017

1.) Bald Eagle Shot in Head, Killed In Chatham County

Tragic--a bald eagle was shot in the head in North Carolina in February. Many of WUSA9 twitter followers were outrage; others were confused about why this eagle was getting so much attention, saying "its just a bird."

Bald Eagle Shot in Head, Killed In Chatham County https://t.co/pt3vSAhxAJ pic.twitter.com/uzYOBvSlEX

— WUSA9 (@wusa9) February 8, 2017