Before you start sharing those viral videos in the new year, let's take a look back at the videos you watched on social media.

Here are your most watched social videos posted to WUSA9's Facebook page:

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7. Jack believes every kid should have a chance to ride a bike, so he's making it happen.

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5. This dog loves to help with household chores!

4. A 5,500-squarefoot home is for sale for $137,900 in South Dakota. But there's a catch, check it out.

3. Tony Restivo's coworkers secretly recorded him busting a move on the job.

2. When this baby wouldn't stop crying, Dad handed him a shirt from Mom's laundry basket. The 3-month-old instantly calmed down after recognizing her smell.

1. When the Georgia Tech swim team got snowed in and their meet at Virginia Tech was cancelled, they took their skills to the snow outside.