Funeral homes are using the positive impact of dogs to help comfort grieving familes. 

They're bringing on the furry companions as special workers. These funeral therapy dogs provide emotional support for clients in mourning.

A funeral therapy dog is a type of service dog. Qualified therapy dogs have undergone training.

Area funeral therapy dogs:

1. Stauffer Funeral Homes
    Frederick, Maryland
Raven is the trained Grief Therapy Specialist. 

"Raven, joined us in 2014 after extensive therapy training. Her job? Providing comfort to those experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Raven's gentle, loving and affectionate nature gives comfort and companionship to our visitors. Her presence is calming and reassuring in one of life's most difficult times."

2. Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service
    N. Chesterfield, Virginia (near Richmond)

Two chocolate labs, Hope and Peace, are therapy dogs. 
Hope and Peace, Funeral Therapy Dogs

"Morrissett is the first funeral home in Central Virginia to have trained therapy dogs available on staff. They are only used with permission from each family. These beautiful chocolate labs, named Hope and Peace, provide unconditional love and support, especially during the stress of making funeral arrangements and, if desired, during visitation."

3. Seaver-Brown Funeral Service & Crematory
    Marion, Virginia 

Luna, the Newfoundland, is the therapy dog since 2015. 

"Luna is a Newfoundland who came to the Seaver Brown Funeral Home in Marion, VA last June when she was just 14 weeks old. The directors there have been busy helping this adorable pup to become therapy dog certified. Luna graduated from AKC Star Puppy Class last July and the funeral home is working with a trainer to help Luna prepare for her job as at grief therapy dog."