You may have stumbled upon these pictures on social media of an unwanted surprise at someone's back door.
A couple in Avon, Connecticut said a black bear was wondering around their back porch.

The pictures looked too good to be true.We set out to verify.

We first did a Google reverse image search on the picture. We couldn't find a match, so we can verify this is an original image.

We also contacted NBC Connecticut who reported on the original story. They say bear encounters in Avon, located about 10 miles west of Hartford, are not uncommon.

We also looked at a the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection website tracking black bear sightings in Connecticut. The town of Avon leads the state with 560 sightings in the past year.

Looking at a map of the home, it's located right next to Horse Guard State Park.

We spoke with wildlife biologist Jason Hawley, with DEEP. He said he's not surprised by the pictures.

“There’s definitely bears around there. It’s kind of like an island of good bear habitats surrounded by suburbia,” said Hawley. “We see things like that all the time in Connecticut. We don’t have a hunting season here in Connecticut, so our bears don’t really have that natural fear for humans,” he said.

First Coast News reached to the homeowners directly but they did not want to talk. They did speak with our NBC affiliate, however.

The homeowner says she was making brownies last week when she snapped the photos. She says the bear was lingering around for a half hour before taking off.

Despite the fact we could not speak with the homeowner directly, we feel very comfortable to say these photos are authentic.


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