PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. (WUSA9) -- Did you know that being pregnant can qualify you to vote by an absentee ballot in Virginia? So can where you work.

Saddiga Butt, is from Pakistan, but she's been a United States citizen for 33 years and she has always tried to make it to the polls election day. Her husband, Muhammad, never missed a voting day until he became sick and disabled.

Just when Saddiga was not sure if she would be able to vote in the upcoming election because she needs to be home to care for her husband, she got a knock at the door.

"Most people don't realize you can vote by mail and what the reasons are for Virginia. You have to have the personal interaction with them and talk to them face to face to talk to them about whats going on in their life for them to understand," explained Scott Surovell, the (D) 36th Senate Candidate who knocked on Saddiga's door.

In Virginia, there are 19 reasons to qualify for an absentee ballot by mail, being pregnant can do, so can caring for a disabled family member. Surrovell pulled out his tablet, and signed up Saddiga Butt for an absentee ballot. She's already received an email and sent her vote in, for Surrovell.

Out of the 12-hundred Virginianas who signed up electronlically to receive an absentee ballot by mail, 900 of them came from the 36th senate district and were signed up mostly by Surovell himself.

All members of Virginia's General Assembly, and the county Board of Supervisors are being decided on election day in two weeks. In the last off-year election, in 2011, less than 30 percent of registered voters participated.

Surovell says there are many safeguards in place, to prevent fraud.

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