A speed camera is in place along the Beltway in Prince George’s County for the first time ever.

The camera has been placed on the front of an SUV on the Outer Loop just before the Allentown Road exit.

It was placed there while the nearby Forestville Road bridge undergoes construction for the next three years. The speed camera will be there the entire time.

The speed limit is 55 mph. Drivers going 67 mph or faster will face a $40 civil citation.

“That’s too much,” said Dion Wells of Upper Marlboro. “Way too much money. I don't think they should have it on the Beltway. I understand residential areas, but on the Beltway, no.”

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Luckily, lead-foot drivers have a grace period to get used to the cameras.

A 21-day warning period begins July 17. The citations begin August 7.

Called “Maryland SafeZones,” the initiative is aimed at improving work zone safety. Nationally, four out of five people injured in a work zone crash are passengers or drivers, not workers.

Where the state has deployed SafeZones, speeding violations have decreased by more than 90 percent. It is currently deployed in nine other work zones in Maryland.

Driving in work zones is particularly challenging since there are often reduced lane widths, barriers, construction vehicles, modified signage, reduced acceleration and deceleration areas and limited or no shoulders.