As you get your kids ready for school to start, you're likely preparing for the hours of homework after school.

But that may not be the case for elementary students in San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District in the future.

A San Marcos CISD parent sent KVUE an email, saying they heard the district was doing away with homework. That parent called the idea “innovative.”

But a San Marcos CISD spokesman told KVUE Thursday it’s just an idea, and nothing will go into effect before school starts on Aug. 28.

This week, a San Marcos CISD principal sent out an email to teachers, saying this year they would have a new policy: No homework for elementary students, other than a required 20 minutes of reading each and every day. And if parents want additional homework, they can add an extra 20 minutes of math or reading through an approved online program.

A district spokesman told KVUE they use summer as a time to brainstorm new ideas for the school year.

He said this idea came up at a meeting among principals. But again -- he said it's still just an idea. He said they want teachers' input on the idea throughout this school year.

This idea comes as a Florida school district is banning homework this year and implementing required reading instead.

Jose Ramirez has three daughters in the district. Two of them are in elementary school.

"So long as it doesn't affect student performance as far as their grades, then I'm fine with it,” Ramirez said.

He thinks the idea will give students time for other things.

"I believe it will help them spend time at home, to do other stuff, either playing outside, talking to their friends, doing things, more social stuff,” Ramirez said. “Academics are important but having the growth in society is also important too.”

He also thinks the reading will tap into a different side of their brains -- imagination and empathy for others.

But for now, parents like Ramirez will wait to see what the district decides.

The district didn't want to talk on camera Thursday. They said they want to talk to their teachers first, once school starts.

Again, the district said these possible changes would not happen this year.

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