A day back from the Boston Marathon, Kate Landau sprinted through her kitchen with her 4-year-old daughter Grace on her back.

"I would be bored if I wasn't trying to juggle so much,” said Landau, 40. “I got a lot of energy so I need to get it out."

After a grueling race, Landau finished second in the women’s master’s division in the Boston Marathon.

“This was my third marathon, and it was by far the most challenging,” she said. "I was feeling so crappy I didn't know if I could make it."

Landau wasn’t prepared for the heat.

"50 degrees is kind of ideal marathon weather. 70 is hot," she said.

She pushed through to the finish, a move she’s familiar with after overcoming major life obstacles. Landau said she developed an eating disorder when she was about 13 or 14 years old.

“It got pretty bad when I was 15,” Landau said.

Her eating disorder tore down her body.

"Between 17 and 22 I had 25 documented stress fractures on bone scans, so I was injured every other season," Landau said.

She stopped running for 15 years and struggled with anorexia into her 30s.

"About five years ago, I googled eating disorder doctors and found a doctor and found a nutritionist and therapist and actually got real help,” Landau said. “(I) was ready for it, and things turned around very quickly after that. I became pregnant. I met my daughter’s father and was not thinking that was possible in my life, because I thought I had destroyed my reproductive system in my eating disorder, and then I had grace."

She calls her daughter her “saving Grace.”

"I would just push her in the stroller and get out on the streets of Tacoma,” Landau said.

Her runs with Grace gave her the endurance and faith that she needed.

"I've come a long way and now I have this home. I have a great job and have my daughter, and life is fabulous, and I have running back,” Landau said. “I never ever thought I would have running back really. Anything I get is a gift."

Photos: Tacoma mother finishes Boston Marathon